Product Applications by Sector




The bakery industry is traditionally one of the largest users of cocoa products. Numerous applications such as cakes, pastries, brownies, doughnuts, pies, cookies, wafers, biscuits, biscuit and wafer fillings, frozen bakery products, and bakery premixes make our powders a versatile ingredient.

Our products for the baking industry include:



Cocoa Powders


Depending on your application we decide which cocoa powder to offer you. Key questions in this choice are those that influence the baking properties of cakes and cookies such as flavor, colour, pH, alkalization, moisture and fat content.

Cookies/biscuits: dark alkalized brown and reddish powders such as our  “Dutch 4441” and “Dutch 90” powders


Cakes and muffins: reddish and chocolaty powders such as our “Dutch 90” and “Dutch 25 types”


Cream filling: natural lightly alkalized powders, such as our versatile  “Dutch 4120”  powder.



Cocoa Liquor

Cocoa liquors are able to match the chocolate profile you desire. We have various liquors, even from single origins, that make just that distinction you were looking for.


Feel free to ask us for samples of these successfully applied cocoa products!

Beverages and Dry Mixes



With our technical expertise and innovative cocoa ingredients we are helping beverage manufacturers to develop new products and improve their already existing products to become more competitive.


When powders are being used in dry mixes, the wettability of the powders is extremely important to the user. Our alkalised cocoa powders have great wettability properties which can be even enhanced by applying a lecithination technology.


For agglomeration or dry blending, all of the Dutch Cocoa powders are easy to process and all have superior free-flowing properties. Because of our big diversity of fat levels we can satisfy a wide range of preferences from rich flavoured full fat cocoa powder to fat reduced dark cocoa powders.


Our products for the beverage industry include:


-      Natural and alkalized cocoa powders both high and low fat.

-      Lecithinated natural cocoa powders.

-      Lecithinated, high fat and reddish alkalized powders


‘Dutch 4175’ 

10-12% Natural


‘Dutch 4186’

20-22% Natural


‘Dutch 4104’

20-22% Mid Brown


‘Dutch 4696’

20-22% Mid Red







Dutch Cocoa delivers a lot of products to the cereal industry which are used for a diverse range of cereal products. In this increasingly competitive market it is important for companies to continuously improve their snacks and cereals and develop new products.


It is well known that when you pour your milk over a chocolate-flavored cereal, you want to taste that chocolate flavor in the milk. This is why Dutch Cocoa developed several cocoa powders that guarantee a quick transfer of both flavor and color into the milk.


For the cereals industry fat reduced dark brown and reddish alkalized low-fat cocoa powders can be used.


‘Dutch 4125’

10-12% alk


‘Dutch 4441’

10-12% red


‘Dutch 4446’ 

20-22% red


‘Dutch 4490’

10-12% dark red






A number of important products for the confectionery industry are provided by Dutch Cocoa. These products can roughly be divided into two categories:  chocolate confectionery and sugar confectionery. Some of the products are a combination of both. Dutch Cocoa provides not only cocoa powder but also cocoa butter and cocoa liquor for the development of these products.


Chocolate Confectionery


A variety of products with either chocolate or compound coating as the main ingredient belong to the chocolate confectionery. You can think of products like tablet/bar chocolate, molded and hollow molded items, panned and extruded products, boxed chocolate, truffles and all sorts of decorated chocolate pieces.


The products that Dutch Cocoa offers have a wide variety of characteristics like color, flavor, viscosity, fineness, melting properties and composition. We are looking forward to discuss the possibilities for your application.


Sugar confectionery


Sugar confectionery, also known as sweets, includes products like toffee, hard candy, boiled sweets, marshmallow, countlines and fondants. Gums and fillings can be added to this group as well.

Our products for the confectionery industry include:


-      Low fat alkalised or low fat Natural Cocoa Powders 

-      Cocoa Butter

-      Cocoa Liquor


‘Dutch 4175’  

10-12% natural


‘Dutch 4120’

10-12% mid brown


‘Dutch 4441’

10-12% red


‘Dutch 4490’

10-12% dark red


‘Dutch 4606’

Deodorized cocoa butter


‘Dutch 4609’

West African liquor







The variety of chocolate-flavored, milk based and dairy analog products nowadays is enormous. This is why manufacturers are continuously trying to improve their products and to create new products.


Within the dairy industry a lot of products include cocoa products. These are applications like custard, chocolate milk, whipped toppings, mousse, pudding, fermented dairy products, dairy premixes and soy- or rice-based alternatives.


The dairy systems which are being used are very delicate when it comes to their response to heat treatment and protein stability. The powders that have been developed by Dutch Cocoa ensure a full-bodied flavor and color but also a moderate pH for liquid dairy applications.


Moderate pH, reddish powders can be used for chocolate flavored drinks and darker cocoa powders for the Dairy desserts.


‘Dutch 4120’

10-12% mid brown


‘Dutch 4125’

10-12% dark brown


‘Dutch 4691’

10-12% mid red


‘Dutch 4441’

10-12% red





Ice Cream and other Frozen Desserts



Everybody is familiar with cold products that include cocoa products, you can think of products like ice creams, milkshakes and frozen desserts. At Dutch Cocoa we want to help our customers to let their product stand out by creating powders with a unique color, flavor and texture.


The use of cocoa powders in frozen applications requires a good knowledge of the characteristics of powder. Flavor profiles may require optimization to give that desirable chocolate taste even in the cold mouth. For such applications Dutch Cocoa has developed some excellent and full bodied rich cocoa powders.


For rich chocolate flavoured ice creams and other frozen desserts alkalised high fat powders can be used.


‘Dutch 4109’

20-22% mid brown


‘Dutch 4481’

22-24% mid red