The production process

In 2005, continuous investment, growth, and perseverance enabled the completion of a new purpose-built production facility at the port of Amsterdam. In the years since, there has been even greater investment that has resulted in our modern, state of the art production process, capable of grinding 70,000 metric tons of cocoa beans.


Dutch Cocoa 

The production process at Dutch Cocoa BV begins with the careful selection and blending of different cocoa bean types. The results are consistent and stable quality of our special "Dutch" taste.


After several cleaning steps, shell and germs are separated from the cocoa nibs. These nibs are roasted according to a specific recipe in order to develop the desired flavour profile. Some recipes include alkalization (or "Dutch" process) that further develops specific flavour and colour characteristics.

Following the roasting process, nibs are ground into cocoa mass, the most important raw material for the production of chocolate.



Cake Milling Process

Cocoa butter and powder are produced when cocoa mass is pressed in hydraulic presses.

This process separates part of the cocoa butter from the cocoa pressed cake. Cocoa butter is used mainly in the production of chocolate, but also has applications in pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. Cocoa cake is ground into cocoa powder, tempered and packed in bulk bags (for industrial use) or in consumer packs. The flexibility of our process allows for the incorporation of customers' ideas and needs in the development of customized products with specific flavour, colour and packaging.