Environmental, economic, and social principles are fully integrated into every aspect of Dutch Cocoa’s activities. We particularly focus on the sourcing of sustainable and ethically produced cocoa beans, while also optimizing our own production process for efficient use of energy and water with minimal waste. We work every day toward becoming a fully sustainable factory and a uniquely sustainable partner for our clients.


Human Resources

Dutch Cocoa continuously strives to be a sustainable employer. Aside from safe and healthy working environments, Dutch Cocoa facilitates mandatory continuous training programmes, for the company’s benefit, as well as for the self-realization of our employees. These aspects ensure our employees motivated and knowledgeable.


Segregated productions

Dutch Cocoa’s state of the art processing facility in Amsterdam assures segregated production, enabling clients to fully trace back beans to the cooperative and farmer level.


This advantageous process ensures our customers, who chose to integrate their supply chain with sustainable certified cocoa products, to also maximize the higher quality standards that are being obtained when sourcing sustainable grown and processed cocoa.


Dutch Cocoa and ECOM: Leaders in sustainable and ethical programmes.

There is a clear synergy for Dutch Cocoa within the ECOM Agroindustrial Group. ECOM’s Cocoa Division maintains close relationships with cocoa producers and their families in order to help strengthen the farmers’ position and ensure ample supply of high quality raw materials. By taking an active role in sustainable project development in cocoa producing countries, ECOM Cocoa has empowered and motivated communities to improve their economic well-being and quality of life. ECOM supports farmers via direct financial investment, awareness building on social and health issues, education and training on environmental matters, pre-harvest financing, and farmer extension services.

For our clients this means a transparent supply chain where traceability is the norm rather than the exception.  We are able to trace beans all the way to final products and are happy to show you how we are able to do so.


 Dutch Cocoa

Working closely together with valued partners we achieve a sustainable and fair supply chain for our clients. Examples are Rain Forest Alliance, and UTZ (certification) Solidaridad (farmers training) GTZ,  Rabobank (financing)  DEG,  IFC (financing, labour conditions) CLP/Gates Foundation (projects in various countries in Africa to increase farmers income) and various highly valued private partners from the industry.


For more in depth information on our sustainable programmes and approach for the future please contact our sales department.