Dutch Cocoa’s expertise with various certifications

Dutch Cocoa is considered a pioneer in processing sustainable and ethical cocoa. In the early 90’s, Dutch Cocoa was the first cocoa processor to source and process Fairtrade / Max Havelaar Certified cocoa beans. Fairtrade / Max Havelaar is the international hallmark ensuring farmers a fixed fair - justified price for the cocoa that they produce.  In addition to this, Fairtrade / Max Havelaar ensures farmers the right social circumstances in their production areas.


During the mid-90’s, Dutch Cocoa continued its successful sustainable approach by implementing segregated productions for organic certified products. Dutch Cocoa was the first cocoa processor to realize segregated cocoa processing and to fully trace the organic beans from farmer to the final organic cocoa products.


Today, both Fairtrade and Organic are well established certification bodies that are recognized by the markets.


More recently, broader sustainable and ethical focused programmes have been introduced and implemented into our cocoa production and processing, such as Rainforest Alliance and UTZ.


UTZ is characterized by demonstration of progress, where farmer producer groups plan requirements for several themes within their process. Attention is given to product quality and quantity, with the intention of increasing income. The UTZ standards are also strong on health and food safety criteria.


Rainforest Alliance requires strict principles for environmental quality, including ecosystem and wildlife conservation. Rainforest Alliance Certification defines fair prices at fixed volumes, thereby providing market transparency, while improving the local quality of life.


Both certification bodies appreciate the value of each method and respect the complementary nature of their work toward sustainable agriculture and trading throughout the world. Dutch Cocoa applies these different principles and complies accordingly.